August 16, 2007

Day 7

  • alarm at 7:30am for breakfast, Emmanuel picked us up at the hotel (Springland Hotel)
  • Danusia and ACD: packed and broke fast, left camp around 08:30, arrived at the gate around noon
  • group photo after breakfast, awkward tipping 'cause Emmanuel already had the $
  • took the truck with Emmanuel back to KCMC, where Eric and Michaela had been since ~10am
  • Eric and Michaela met up with Becky there and started the bureaucratic process, took forever to go through all the forms
  • Kitolie: certificates for completing the climb, we all unpacked, showered
  • coffee shop for lunch: tomato/lentil soup, grilled cheeses, baguettes, choccocinos, chocolate cake, coke lights
  • street scene in Moshi: shopping for flip flops, ACD' 5k TZS hat, shoes for Eric, souvenirs, street wedding with honking horns and flashing car lights
  • dinner at deli-chez, Michaela randomly found us there
  • apparently 60% of the folks who try, summit
  • Eric got ~10 hours of sleep in 2.5 days, in addition to summitting
  • Danusia is turning 50 soon, still has her mojo!
  • Maurice taxi ride to KCMC, to the expat bbq
  • chocolate ice cream! with passion fruit and banana, and mango
  • lots of fun chatting with the folks there
  • shortcut ride home
  • Eric: "Osama bin Laden sighting at Barafu camp," per the porters joking about their buddy

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