August 12, 2007

Day 3

  • departed at 08:53, camp at 3900m, acclimate at 4600m in the afternoon
  • lunch: mandazi-like fried bread, bananas, muffins, eggs, chicken, tea
  • was cold at lunch, clouds moving really fast all day, blocking the sun on and off
  • arrived Barranco camp 16:20
  • dinner: chapatis! veggie soup, rice, veggies, bean sauce, oranges
  • egyptial rat screw + gustavo santaollala in E/M's tent
  • Eric got loopy from melatonin
  • stargazing at the brilliant milky way and shooting stars
  • ACD: "hairy boulders with red beards"
  • Eric: "I'm getting loopy" and "this is honky heaven" at the lava tower at 4600m
  • ACD: wants to get Emmanuel's email, to send him Woolly Boolly's lyrics
  • Eric: "you won't see me drunk on alcohol, but you will see me high on altitude" - at the lava tower
  • Eric: "losing the notebook is like losing a limb"
  • Michaela: "how was the bathroom experience?" ACD: "gym-tastic"
  • Danusia: "I just want to be at peace with the prep" re: dress rehearsal
  • Michaela thought they were actually falling stars (re: stargazing at night ;)
  • the Kilimanjaro song:
    Jambo, Jambo bwana
    Habari gani, nzuri sana
    Wageni mwakaribishwa
    Kilimanjaro hakuna matata

    Hi Hi friend
    How are you? very good
    Welcome guests
    Kilimanjaro - no problem

    1. mlima mreyn sana
    very high mountain
    ves hakuna matata

    2. wenye barafu nyingi
    snow to the mountain

    3. wenye wageni wengu
    many guests

    4. mlima mzuri sana
    beautiful mountain

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