August 13, 2007

Day 4

  • late breakfast at 8am: fried eggs, toast, avocados, sausage, porridge
  • music: Pearl Jam to get us going
  • lifeguard lip stuff became popular, as did Britta the Weasel
  • departed camp 09:30
  • climbing straight up and over: 4600m at the highest point
  • rest at the top, snacked on clif bars, played with cell phones but no reliable signal for our iPhones or Blackberries, likely due to bad i18n GSM roaming on the network - our guides' phones worked fine
  • lunch: cabbage, fries, watermelon, muffins, ketchup, tea
  • all of us hanging in ACD/Danusia's tent at Karangu Camp, arrived 14:00
  • dinner: cucumber soup, rice, veggies & meat sauce, chapatis
  • ACD: "nose tampons" and "I thought the poop would be bigger" re: day 1's elephant droppings
  • Danusia: "It was amazing to watch" re: ACD's vom-town
  • Danusia: "Barfu" campsite
  • Eric: "there should be a book called "the honky sherpa" re: trying to become a porter
  • Danusia: "it'll be all honky dory tomorrow"

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