August 10, 2007

Day 1

  • got a late start from Kitolie guesthouse
  • long 4x4 ride to the gate and entrance, the road was hard core, Martin road with us
  • popcorn and tea waiting for us in the mess tent, hot water for washing hands
  • saw a mouse, crazy ants, elephant footprints
  • conversation while we were hiking about the songs in our heads: the Cure, Bob Marley, Amy Grant, ACD's 'hot hot' hiphop song
  • slow pace while walking, took a bit of getting used to (pole pole)
  • dinner: cucumber soup, friend potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber, beef & veggie sauce, avocado
  • solitaire and the Cure (and Fleetwood Mac) after dinner, table cloth disaster
  • bed at 8pm
  • started hiking at 1900m, camped at 2900m
  • Michaela: "I would love to see an envelope!" re: elephant droppings on the trail
  • Michaela on ACD & Danusia getting ready to go: "they're not ready yet - I see a lot of skin [in their tent]"

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