August 11, 2007

Day 2

  • breakfast: porridge, friend eggs, tea, tomatoes, cucumber
  • cleanwell wipes from Danusia and Larry!
  • 3000m: switch from rainforest to moorland
  • music: ACD: Closer to Me by the Cure, Michael Bolton playing at Shira I, The Beatles during solitaire after dinner
  • left at 8:15am, arrived at camp 17:48 (loooong day)
  • dinner: carrot soup, pasta + tuna sauce, mango and banana
  • Shira II camp: 3900m
  • Eric: "Tripoli!" - was trying to remember the capital of Libya for half the day
  • Danusia: "I cannot eat this animal."
  • Eric at Shira I: "are we the first honkies here?"
  • Michaela at lunch: "can I borrow a jolly rancher?"
  • Michaela: "it's kinda weird to be eating popcorn and cookie crumbs - Shira II
  • Eric: "Pole Pole = woolly boolly"

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