August 15, 2007

Day 6 - Summit Day

  • left midnight/12:15am, headlamps on
  • the ascent was really really hard, Eric had the runs :(
  • Eric went mental-escapism to make it, like Michel Crichton in Travels
  • got to Stella Point around 7:30am, just in time for the sunrise
  • incredibly windy, brutally cold
  • group split up, Eric and Michaela headed to Uhuru Point asap, Danusia and ACD caught up later
  • took photos, Eric's hands were freezing, everybody was exhausted
  • Eric and Michaela headed down around 8am, got in 10-10:30am, Eric promptly went to sleep
  • Danusia and ACD arrived ~11am, napped for a bit
  • lunch around noon, much chatter about the climb
  • packed up to leave around 1-2pm, ~3-4 hour walk down to a lower camp
  • Eric met a group of Indians on the way down, including this guy)
  • Eric got to camp around 16:45, went to sleep, the ladies arrived ~18:20
  • dinner: leak soup, rice, green beans, bean sauce
  • Michaela not well, took some oxygen on the way down and it helped
  • Emmanuel thought it might be pulmonary edema, decided to walk off the mountain and get to a hospital
  • Eric and Michaela and Emmanuel and 4 porters left around 22:00, headlamps on, Danusia gave us some clean syringes just in case
  • the walk down was wet and slippery (Eric fell three times), could see our breath, bugs flying in the lights, constantly stopping to rest
  • 4x4 ride on another gnarly road, with everybody crammed in the vehicle
  • called Eric's friend Becky the Doctor at KCMC (who he'd met at the airport before the trek); it was past midnight but she was awake!
  • Becky said to come by her place instead of KCMC, which was near the hospital, to check blood pressure, etc.
  • she diagnosed the same thing, altitude-induced pulmonary edema, suggested a chest xray but we decided to wait on that
  • got to zara's house around 1am to see about a hotel, got there ~1:30am, sleep around 2am

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