August 12, 2008

Packing List

  • Hiking boots - make sure these are broken in before you leave for Africa
  • Sleeping bag - should be rated for Zero degrees fahrenheit. You can get away with a slightly higher temperature rating if you supplement with a fleece or microfiber liner
  • Sleeping pad - thermarest or similar
  • Gaiters - very important in order to keep your socks dry
  • Sunglasses - the more coverage around your eyes the better
  • Headlamp - Eric recommends Zipkas
  • Small daypack - will hold a few extra layers of clothing, and water. A Platypus and a supplemental bottle work great.
  • Backpack for big duffel bag for the porters to carry, and put your clothes in a drysack - they'll put this in a waterproof sack when they carry it.
  • Washcloth - synthetic is best
  • Camera
  • Trekking poles - you can rent these from the trekking company
  • Warm head cover - a ski beanie is perfect
  • Waterproof breatheable top (goretex windbreaker-style jacket is ideal)
  • Waterproof breatheable pants - just needs to keep your legs dry
  • Thick down jacket for when summiting - it's really cold up there
  • synthetic pants (convertible zip-off pants work great)
  • fleece pants for nighttime
  • thermal underwear
  • fleece sweater
  • thick gloves or mittens - it's really cold up on the summit
  • Balaclava - to keep your head warm at night and during the summit day
  • hiking socks (2-3 pairs) and liners (5-7 pairs) to prevent blisters
  • sneakers for hanging out in camp
  • synthetic t-shirts for the first and last days; you'll wear thermals/fleece/waterproof the rest of the days
  • brimmed cap or hat
  • poncho to go over all layers + daypack in case it rains
First Aid and misc
  • sun screen and lip protection with SPF
  • snacks: 1-2 clif bars per day, chocolate
  • pain killer
  • Anti-diarrhea medicine such as Imodium AD
  • bandaids
  • Blister patches or moleskin
  • Antibaterial ointment
  • Cipro in case if food poisoning
  • Diamox to help acclimating to the altitude
  • a roll of toilet paper
  • dop kit stuff: tooth brush, toothpaste, etc.
  • passport
  • playing cards
  • music (Eric brought an iPod + portable battery-powered speakers
  • books to read
  • notebook + pen/pencil for journaling
  • Zara's packing list
  • From another friend who climbed before us: "I highly recommend having all of the clothing you bring be made of synthetic materials (NOT COTTON), as these will dry much more quickly when wet, and these wick moisture away from your body, keeping you dryer and warmer." and "The trekking company rents out most of this stuff, so you might want to just rent some of the items if you think this is the only time you'd use the items (gaiters? trekking poles)"

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