August 12, 2008


Which route did we take?
The Lemosho.
How many days did it take?
~6-7 total; Eric and Michaela descended a half-day early due to Michaela's pulmonary edema, while Danusia and Anna-Christina descended on schedule the following morning.
Who guided your trip?
Zara, locally owned and operated.
How did we get there?
Various flights to Nairobi (NBO), then a Kenya Airways flight to Kilimanjaro Airport (JRO). Flights to Africa are cheaper from Europe than the USA, so you might try flying there first, then down to NBO.
Did you have travel insurance?
Yes, but fortunately we didn't end up needing it. Eric used World Nomads.
What shots did you need?
Where did you stay before and after the climb?
The Kitolie Guesthouse in Moshi, which alas doesn't have a web site.
Did you need Visas?
Yes. You can buy both Kenyan and Tanzanian visas at their respective airports.

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